Reclaimed America came to be by our endless journeys through America’s rural countryside. As lovers of anything old, we fell in love with America’s rich and beautiful architecture over and over again. Through these widespread trips we have came across amazing structures that were left in neglect. Abandoned after their useful life had been completed. The most beautiful structures built with pieces of every species of wood imaginable. These buildings built by our ancestor’s hands, stood the test of time and serviced our Country’s economic growth. And these buildings were not just any wood. These historic buildings were built with large, stable pieces that were created when our Country’s resources were abundant. In addition to the wood’s quality, the manner in which it was crafted was done so with such care, craftsmanship and amazing detail. Within the walls of these structures, we found our Country’s history and our story is told through the beautiful detailed buildings that were left behind. The finger prints of our ancestors which have stood the test of time and are still present. Welcome to Reclaimed America.



Not all reclaimed lumber is alike. Our wood is kilned dried to ensure moisture content and insect abatement. Through planning and sanding all wood receives an agitation that eliminates loose particles. All wood is finished using quality stain and Gel Coating by General Finishes. Furthermore, the final coating provides encapsulation of patina and particles.


“I consider every piece of antique wood a piece of American History. So much of our products come from amazing buildings that were built with a level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that it is virtually to recreate. It’s these pieces that inspire me to save them and reuse them.”

“There were no machines or electric power tools. To hold a beam that has been hand-hewn for days and sometimes weeks makes me appreciate the hard work and sweat that went into it.” Doug DeLuca Co-Founder